Eli Maor & Co., is a law firm, a highly experienced and recognized law firm representing accident victims and medical malpractice (physical injuries)
Eli Maor & Co. is headed by Adv. Eli Maor, one of the leading attorneys in the field of claims against insurance companies, hospitals, the National Insurance Institute and the Ministry of Defense, who represents only plaintiffs
Adv. Eli Maor has 17 years of experience in the field of litigation (court appearances) in a variety of courts, as well as appearances before medical committees at all levels, both in the National Insurance Institute and in the Ministry of Defense
At the same time, Adv. Eli Maor has been a Senior Lecturer at the Institute of training lawyers & legal advisers (a part of the Israel Bar Association) in the fields of Torts, Insurance and Medical Malpractice Law
Adv. Eli Maor brings with him extensive and unique experience as someone who in his past represented insurance companies in cases of road accidents, work accidents, pedestrian accidents and accidents in the public domain. He also represented governmental hospitals in cases of medical malpractice and certified doctors and nurses in the examination committees of the Ministry of Health
Adv. Eli Maor has more than 1,000 files in the field, and has extensive experience in complex cases of multi-trauma physical injuries
Education: Eli Maor is a graduate with distinction ("MAGNA CUM LAUDA") with Masters degree in Law studies from the Bar-Ilan University, specializing in Torts and Insurance Law
Contact details
Mobile phone: 03-5798080
Office phone: 03-5798080
Fax at the office: 03-6199123

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